Drangsong Foundation

Our organization was first established as a US nonprofit in 2015 under Ngakmang Foundation. Originally we worked primarily to support the community of Ngakpas (Tibetan yogis) in the Rebkong area of Amdo, Northeastern Tibet.

Over the years, our focus gradually shifted to include projects outside the Rebkong Ngakpa tradition. Through this transformation, we adopted new name Drangsong Foundation in 2023.

Drangsong is a Tibetan term (drang srong) equivalent to the Sanskrit word ṛiṣhi. Wisdom beings connected to the medical and spiritual traditions of India and Tibet, Predating national and sectarian divisions, Drangsong are the ancestors of human higher knowledge. We work in devotion and dedication to their teachings, aspiring to create conditions for their knowledge to thrive into the future.

The Tibetan term drangsong has additional meaning:

  • དྲང་ drang | righteous, truthful, upright
  • སྲོང་ srong | to straighten, correct

Thus Drangsong are beings embodying truth, righteousness, and uprightness. The teachings of Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Healing, were transmitted by the Medicine Buddha manifesting as a Drangsong.

Our logo is based on the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation, who are the seven original Ṛiṣhis in ancient Indian tradition. The surrounding words are a calligraphic rendition of the Tibetan word Drangsong (དྲང་སྲོང་།) written in spontaneous inspiration by the Tibetan master Anam Thubten Rinpoche.

Our Team

Dr. Eric Rosenbush

Dr. Eric Rosenbush

Dr Eric Rosenbush has devoted his life to the ancient sciences of Asia. This has led him into a lifelong cultivation of their transmissions and texts, learning at the feet of living masters holding classical lineages of Tibetan, Āyurvedic, and Chinese medicines, and Jyotiṣha. He has completed advanced training programs in all of these systems over the last two decades. Eric currently lives in South Asia, acting as Head of Research & Translation at the Sowa Rigpa International College in Kathmandu. Visit

Drubpon Pema Rigdzin

Pema Rigdzin

Pema Rigdzin (Frederico Trancoso) has trained in Tibetan Buddhism for thirty years and completed extensive Vajrayana retreats under Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. He is retreat tutor (drupon) and a lead ritual chanter (umdze) at the Vajrayana Foundation, and a teacher for Drub Nyiy Döjö Gatsal, its Three-Year Retreat Center. He is also a Chaplain with Stanford Health Care and the Hospice of Santa Cruz County, an acupuncturist with a BA in Physical Therapy, and a keen researcher of ancestral forms of healing.